Return Terms

You can return all products, except for perfumes, cosmetics, underwear, watches, glasses, jewelry made of precious metals and precious stones, etc.

The buyer pays the costs associated with the return of the goods by independently registering the parcel at the postal terminal.

You can return items within 14 days after receiving your order, however, you must notify the return within 2 days of receiving the package. This can be done, for example, by e-mail or to request a return, fill out the form.

Pack and prepare the returned items for shipping.

The goods must be in their original undamaged packaging (the address, adhesive tape, or damage to the original packaging cannot be written on the original packaging). The labels and tags must be intact. In the case of damaged packaging or goods that do not meet the requirements for return of goods, the package will be returned to the sender.

Returned goods must be packed in additional protective (shipping) packaging (eg a box or protective envelope).

The parcel must contain:

  1. product (with labels and in original packaging),
  2. an act of acceptance of cash (if you paid in cash at the time of delivery).
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